eFFe Natural Stone Co.

Why you need Professional third party Inspection Company Service?

Like many senior foreign said to us, the third party quality control services is one of the most important link of international purchase. Whether you are the purchasers of the retailers, you need to know if the suppliers and their products are qualified. But due to the geography distance, you will find it is very difficult to control your order process and quality very well, unless you travel all long and check it onsite. Sure this works but might not worth it you know it will cost a lot, not only money but also your valud time.

However, as the professional third party quality assurance services company, we have professional technicians and experienced inspectors to provide good service for you. Also we use international inspection standarts and combine it with your special inspection requirements at the same time.

Inspection Scope

All kinds of Stone Products: Marble, Granite, Onyx, Travertine, Semi-Precious Stone, etc.

Our Advantages:

  • Rich experience, we specialized in stone area for more than 10 years, we know well all standards about stone products.
  • Quick action, arrange inspection schedule within
  • Reasonable price (1,5 $/m2-2,0 $/m2 ). Price can be changed according to your order quantity.

Service Type:

  • Sourcing Service: Guarantee the good raw materials for you. Sourcing and Selection of Stone Blocks or Stone Slabs.
  • Final Random Inspection: We will inspect the products final quality, quantity, packing.